Support for our project

We are delighted to be one of the recipients of a 2021 Scholarly Editions and Translations Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities! This grant provides three years of support for our team to translate Subi Shah’s works, make audio and video recordings of the music and dances he describes, and prepare them all…

Publication Plans with Open Book Publishers!

We are very pleased to announce that Music and Dances of Central Nepal: Subi Shah’s Works on Pangdure (Maruni) Performance is now under contract with Open Book Publishers. This volume will include the six works of Subi Shah’s that we are translating, along with audiovisual recordings of live performances of the songs and dances discussed…

Subi Shah: An Introduction

Deepak Jangam and Beni Rawal’s textbook Sangeet Surabhi introduces the luminaries of the Nepali music world. This is what they have to say about Subi Shah. Passionate practitioners have a big hand in keeping the culture and traditions of any country alive. When speaking of Nepal today, we have to mention its ancient heritage, which…

Jhumari: A Song from Sorathi

We are lucky to be working with Rita Thapa Magar, a professional folk singer known for her productions of folk music and dance genres popular in the rural hills of central and western Nepal. She is from Nilkantha-2 Sankhu Sohraghar in Dhading district, close to Subi Shah’s village of Jyamrung. In this video she and…

Subi Shah’s Audio Recordings

The playlist below contains the songs from the album Subi Shah’s Endeavors for Nepali Folk Tunes (Music Nepal, 2008), and songs collected by Subi Shah and performed by various Nepali artists for a UNESCO-sponsored project in 1997. Many of these songs appear in notated format as examples in Shah’s multiple books and articles.

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