Jhumari: A Song from Sorathi

We are lucky to be working with Rita Thapa Magar, a professional folk singer known for her productions of folk music and dance genres popular in the rural hills of central and western Nepal. She is from Nilkantha-2 Sankhu Sohraghar in Dhading district, close to Subi Shah’s village of Jyamrung. In this video she and her family, along with fellow villagers, the Jalakanya Youth Club and the Milijuli Mother’s Group, present the song Jhumari from the Sorathi dance-drama as performed in this area of Dhading.

Rita writes: “Dear Audience, I am always indebted to the Nepalese people all over the world, including well-wishers, parents, elders and younger ones, for the immense love, affection, inspiration, support, encouragement and guidance they have given me in my musical life. Here I have tried to bring to the people the famous Sorathi (Jhumari) from the village Dhading, Sankhu Sohraghar. I am confident that you will get immense love from such original songs. Jai Lok Sanskriti !!”

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